(WENY) -- Next week, people in the village of Watkins Glen will be able to cast their vote for a new mayor. Deputy Mayor Louis Perazzini is running against Village trustee Laurie Denardo for the next mayoral term.  

“I feel that we can continue growing as a tourist town; bringing in business, tax dollars, revenue, that sort of thing and still keeping what we have," Perazzini said. 

Although both board members are running against each other, Perazzini and Denardo have similar ideas regarding their respective campaigns. Each candidate hopes to continue some of the work they've started as village board members.  

“Getting our budget in line, getting the board back to work, and looking at the future in how we can keep things moving,” Denardo said, adding, “Our infrastructure needs work, we're working on grants, we have a great staff, but we need to do some things to keep them here around succession planning as well.” 

Voting for Watkins Glens Mayor is set for Tuesday, March 21st. Polls open at noon and close at 9 p.m.