PINE CITY, N.Y. (WENT) -- The Southern Tier Running Club kicked off Saturday morning bright and early at Chapel Park. While Saint Patrick’s Day was Friday, March 17, Saturday was racing day for two variations of runners.

“We have our Saint Patrick's Day 5k and 10k walk and run,” said Colby Swelter, president of the Southern Tier Running Club.  “We have almost 300 participants signed up and the weather looks to be pretty optimal.” 

Around 300 people signed up for the race. Roughly 75 percent ran the 5K or 3.1 miles and the remaining runners partook in the 10K or 6.2-mile race.  

One runner hit snooze on her alarm well before the 9 a.m. start time. She felt it was important to warm up before her run. 

“This morning I ran a mile. Jogged it. Did some active stretching,” said Runner Megan Boston. “Got my muscles warmed up because it was a little bit chillier. It was windy today so I want to make sure my body was ready for the conditions.” 

Megan ran the 10K race in 38 minutes and 48 seconds. Another runner, who had his laces tied up, ran the 5K race. 

“I got a little bit faster each mile. It was 5:18, 5:12, and then closer to five minutes. But over sixteen for the total time,” said Brian Cremains.  

The Southern Tier Running Club's race, today, benefits a group of young adults who are about to enter the next chapter of their life. Between nine and 12 high school seniors in the vicinity now have a chance to be provided $500-dollar scholarships.