CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Corning is one of the best places to be on a Sunday. The calmness of the Gaffer District may be odd, but the Zen in Rabbit Row’s Knitting shop is more rejuvenating. 

“Every Sunday afternoon we host stitch corning which is day where makers can come in with their projects and grab a chair and knit or embroider or critique,” said Owner Barbara Vassallo. “Whatever fiber art they are into that is probably a portable project.”

Do you remember high school, with all of the different and challenging science courses? If you were a little confused by scientific vocabulary, that is okay. Science and knitting have two different vocabulary books. 

“Fiber arts are it's like a textile so when you are using thread or yarn or actual fiber to make, to spin into yarn or for needle felting,” said Vassallo. 

Anyone can start knitting or critiquing at any time. It is like a sport, baking, cooking, or swimming, you learn when you are ready. All levels of experience are welcome. 

“Well, if they are going to be knitting then it is simple knit and pull Pearle stitches. For critique there is a lot of simple projects you can start with,” added Vassallo. 

Join Rabbit Row Yarns & Haberdashery for their 12-hour crafting event on Sunday, March 26th. All of the funds raised will be distributed to equally to Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, No Kid Hungry, and Meals on Wheels.