HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY)-- It's that time of the year when many seniors are anxious or excited, as they flip into a new chapter within the next few months. For some, this new chapter means acquiring a job, while for others it means enrolling in a college. Mr. Brett Moore, the Director of Guidance at Notre Dame High School, shared some tips for high school students. 

'' Building that college list can start as early as sophomore year. By junior year, students should begin their college visits. The April break is the perfect time to get at least a few college visits in. They should be able to make a few cuts and look at the pros and cons lists that they got from their online research,'' said Brett Moore.

There is no set road to journey when making that switch from high school to college. While the traditional way is getting your foot into a four year program right after college, other paths like gap year(s), trade school and community college are totally fine. 

''Some students need a year or two to say I need to get my feet under myself academically and I want to build a stronger resume. They may mature as students, gain better grades and find their true passion,'' Brett Moore explained.

Furthermore, if you are uncertain about which academic path to explore in college, that's totally fine and normal. Moore said that thee is a huge percentage of students that change their major in their first year. He went on to say that if go in undecided, take advantage of the variety of programs that may interest you.  He cautioned parents about making degree paths for kids because kids will be motivated and do well with things that they are passionate about. 

'' I never want anyone to count out their dream school because of the expense. Many times, after you enrolled into a college,  financial opportunities like scholarships  come your way,'' said Mr. Moore.

For more information on federal aid, you can visit the college navigator website.