WASHINGTON, D.C. - The 2024 elections are right around the corner and we’re now seeing candidates, like Senator Bob Casey (D- PA) announce they’re running for Pennsylvania's competitive US Senate seat. 

Casey, who is the longest serving democratic US Senator in Pennsylvania, announced he’s seeking his fourth term in office.  

Jeff Bloodworth with Gannon University believes Casey’s bid for the democratic nomination, might not encounter too much of a challenge within his own party.  

“Most Pennsylvania democrats are ‘normies’ right,” said Bloodworth. “They have moderate mainstream views on abortion rights, they have moderate mainstream views on the role of government and that's Bob Casey. He is the ideal type of a Pennsylvania democrat. So I deem Bob Casey to be quite safe.” 

Potential republican challengers are still not quite throwing their hat in the ring yet. A spokesperson for former hedge fund CEO Dave McCormick, who narrowly lost the GOP nomination for the Senate in 2022 to Dr. Mehmet Oz, told us a decision has not been made yet if he will run.  

“McCormick would be a formidable challenger,” said Bloodworth. “He would’ve beaten Fetterman.” 

There’s also talk of state senator Doug Mastriano, who lost the governor’s race, might also go for the republican nomination. 

“If Mastriano runs again, and I expect him that he will, but he’s part of the Trump wing of the party and what they do, they don’t govern, they entertain,” said Bloodworth. “And there’s part of the democratic party that doesn’t govern it entertains. I doubt the republican- primary voters have learned the lesson of the gubernatorial race. Republican leaders have, I've talked to them, they’re all face palming.”  

Bloodworth believes this race in Pennsylvania will be one of the most watched races in 2024.