(WENY) -- The race for the Elmira mayor is heating up, as a third candidate has now entered the race. Elmira resident Grace Merrell, also known as Grace Galactica, announced Sunday evening she is running for mayor as a Libertarian.

If she is elected, she said she wants to "expand the freedoms and liberties for residents and businesses." Merrell also added she wants to make Elmira "a sanctuary city for the second amendment." Merrell intends to push against New York State's gun control legislation.

Merrell said she is an active member in the community, and is an "action minded individual who acts at every invitation to improve the community."

Merrell said she's gained an understanding of the concerns for different areas in the city. She said "the East Side often feels forgotten, cops do not live within the city limits, fumes are poisoning the air, elected officials keep raising taxes, new jobs, businesses and homes are not appearing but disappearing." She added something needs to change to stop people from leaving Elmira.

Merrell believes Elmira needs someone who is willing to do what hasn't been done. She said the city needs someone young enough who will be around to feel the affects of change, and whose children will grow up in the community.

"I'm not seeking election to line my pockets or be another yes-woman. I'm seeking to represent the people. I am not a politician seeking office, I am a person who cares just like you," said Merrell.

Merrell said she believes in government transparency and will stand for families with low income households and single mothers. 

Merrell will face Incumbent Republican Mayor Dan Mandell, and Democrat Jim Hassel.