SOUTHERN TIER, N.Y. (WENY) -- Residents in New York State want to own a pistol have new requirements they need to meet, due to new state laws that went into effect in September 2022. 

For new pistol permit applicants, they must take a 16-hour course, submit to a criminal history and mental hygiene check, and pay all required fees. There's also a new disclosure required - social media accounts.  

“You have to disclose your social media accounts for the last three years and what your names are on those accounts,” said Sheriff Jim Allard with the Steuben County Sheriff's Office.

The new law now requires a mandatory 16 hour training period, which includes classroom instruction and live firearms training. The first 8 hours of training include laws, de-escalation how to deal with people who are suicidal. On the second day, the training includes stances and proper gun handling and other safety measures. The live firearms training must be performed by an NRA certified instructor. 

For all pistol permit holders, New York now requires re-certification every three years versus the previous five-year requirement.

In Chemung County, Sheriff Bill Schrom all counties across New York State are complying with the new pistol permit application and training requirements, but the new laws are being challenged in the court system.

Those applying for a concealed carry license must also do an in-person interview with the licensing officer, or designee. But that may vary by county, on how it is carried out. 

“Specifically, the in-person interview requirement, which we are going to do through a questionnaire, opposed to scheduling an appointment, having somebody come in and have to meet with ourselves and or the county court judge,” explained Chemung County Sheriff Bill Schrom.  

To complete the registration, visit your county's Sheriff office to submit an application.

For more information on the requirements under the new state law regarding concealed carry, click here