TROY, P.A. (WENY) -- Robin Vanhoutte spent his senior year of high school living away from home in Belgium. Between 2012 and 2013, Vanhoutte lived the American dream. 10 years later, he returns on his bike. 

“I started biking from home. From the north step in Brussels on April 16, 2022,” Robin Vanhoutte said. 

Over the last year, Vanhoutte has spent nearly 400 days pedaling. His journey began back at home, in Belgium. 

“I have covered close to 15 thousand miles (about 24140.16 km)," he said. "Gone through Europe, to Turkey, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Vancouver Canada, to the East Coast here." 

In over 10 thousand miles, Vanhoutte has all of his essential gear including food, clothes, and a tent for when he can take his foot off the pedal. While in America, Vanhoutte has biked the amount as some of us drive, before getting our oil changed and car tires rotated. 

“In North America... I think it is 4 thousand miles (about 6437.38 km). 4 to 5 thousand miles,” he said.

Residents of the Twin Tiers can recall that January and parts of February had rough weather, across the West Coast. The weather impacted Vanhoutte with snow in Vancouver, wet weather in California, and sandstorms out of New Mexico.  

“My next stop and final destination here will be New York City. It is not far about three days, three- or four-days riding,” he concluded.  

From Troy, Pennsylvania, to the Big Apple, Vanhoutte has estimated that he bikes 80 miles per day. On his last leg,  Vanhoutte will pedal nearly 275 miles on bike lanes, paths, and steep hills. Looking on Google Maps, he will hit up to 6,632 feet of elevation at some point in his journey. Only one-fifth of this bike ride will be on bike lanes or paths. 

After Vanhoutte enjoys the lights and the must-see spots of the five borrows across the Big Apple, it will be time to head back to Belgium. This one-way ticket will hopefully have a return date in the future. 

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