SAYRE, Pa. (WENY) -- A Northern Tier teen will compete in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in June. On Saturday afternoon, a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser was hosted for 19-year-old Izaak Hobday who will travel to Germany to compete in three events.

"It was busy. It was good. I've been seeing lots of friends," said Hobday.

Hobday started running in the Special Olympics when he was 16. Hobday is a runner, and at the Special Olympics World Summer Games he'll participate in the 1500m race, the 5000m race, and the 4x400 relay.

To make it to the Special Olympics World Summer Games, Hobday had to qualify by placing first in an event at the Special Olympics Summer Games.

Hobday has many friends and family members who support him, but his grandma has been there for him since the beginning. Denise Hibbard is Hobday's grandmother and is a volunteer coach and one of Hobday's biggest supporters.

"All I tell him is do the best job you can, no matter what happens. He’s come a long way. He is proud to represent Pennsylvania, Bradford County, I’m proud of what he’s accomplished, and hopefully, we will bring a medal home to the area," said Hibbard.

Mike Henrich was one of the co-organizers for the fundraiser and he said Hobday is his son's classmate. Henrich added, "Our little circle as parents got together to help one of our own. We wanted to honor him." 

Hobday, his grandmother, and coaches will leave for Berlin on June 10th. Henrich said he is trying to organize a parade/send-off for Hobday. "Just a little going-out-of-town parade for him, where the community can come hang signs, wave flags, cheer, and just have fun. He's given us reason to celebrate," said Henrich.

The money that was raised at the Spaghetti Dinner will be used for Hibbard's travel expenses, so she can accompany Hobday at the Special Olympics World Summer Games. The fundraiser was also considered 'Izaak Hobday Day', and was a way to celebrate Hobday's accomplishments.

The goal was $8,000 and the goal was surpassed.

The excess funds will go to the Bradford Sullivan Special Olympics, according to Hibbard.

If you'd like to donate, you can mail donations to 203 South Street, Suite AA, Athens, Pa, 18810.