ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Rain or shine, people have many opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. “Streets Alive Ithaca” hosted their event with an initiative to create more modes of transportation, such as biking, on Sunday afternoon.

“Bike Walk Tompkins is hosting ‘Streets Alive Ithaca,’ where we open up a large swath of streets for people to play, roll, dance, do whatever in the street instead of drive,” said Nicki Friski, Associate Director, of Bike Walk Tompkins.  

Roughly two miles were blocked off in Ithaca to make today’s event possible. The goal is to show people that they can use the streets to bike. It is not only a pathway for cars. Everyone has the right to use the roads for many forms of transportation.  

“We really want to start this not-for-profit bike share program, on a shoestring budget about six months ago. We have already created 20 thousand individual rides alone and that is just in the winter,” shared Jeff Goodmark, director of bike mobility for center of community transportation and Ithaca Bike Share. 

Jeff and New York State leaders know the need in the community for alternative transportation, especially sustainable transportation, is important.  

"I am here to support this great community that encourages folks not only to be healthier but helps with reducing our carbon footprint and it also brings the community together," said Sen. Lea Webb, State Senate 52nd District, New York.

There are many benefits in using alternative forms of transportation besides your car. Consider dropping those keys on your kitchen table and trying something different this summer. 

“First and foremost, getting people out for fun, for health benefits, for active transportation, environmental impact,” said Molly Hajjar, Education Coordinator, Bike Walk Tompkins. 

A lot of the event's education is centered around making sure people who bike have those safe skills for the road.  Communication is key on the roads. If you are biking on the streets make sure to give people signals ahead of time.  

"Pretty simple if you want to turn left you stick that left arm out and make sure they can see that. Make sure you do it before making your turn because you want both hands on the handlebars when you make that turn. “explained Hajjar.  

With spring weather around the corner, think about alternative forms of transportation you can use so we can reduce our carbon footprint. 

“We get a really positive outlook on it. People come out no matter the weather as long as it is safe, “ Friski concluded.