ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The first-ever Cinco De Mayo celebration took place on West Water Street in downtown Elmira, Friday evening. The co-owner of Copy Express teamed up with Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant to put on this event. 

“Cinco De Mayo is a celebration...a small force overcoming a large one, you know, overwhelming...and that's what Elmira is, "Andrew Roosa-Decicco, co-owner of Copy Express said. “It's a small town that needs a comeback and that's exactly what we're here to do. Put a line in the sand and say we're here, we're ready to go.” 

Roosa-Decicco said this event is a great way to welcome the summer in Elmira. 

“We're here to make sure that the community has something for itself,” he said. 

Hundreds of people came out to the first-ever event to celebrate together. Roosa-Decicco was happily surprised to see so many people come out to show their support for the town's businesses. 

“I'm so thankful for everybody that came on by...especially for the sake of our sponsors, our vendors, every organizer,” he said.  

Elmira residents Elijah Milo, Johna Coley, and Kyra Clark wanted to come out to celebrate being together. They wanted to use the event as an opportunity to try out some new drinks and have a good time. 

“It's just good vibes, good energy, beautiful day for it, like...it's all the good energy,” Clark said. “That's what we're here for.”