HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY)-- Spring is here and the warmer weather brings a lot of reasons to go outside, unfortunately ticks think the same way and tickborne illnesses are spiking across the country. Babesiosis and Lyme Disease are two of the more common illnesses that ticks transmit.

''If you know areas that tick infested, it is best that you avoid these places. When you are outdoors, you can wear long sleeves, use bug spray or shower after spending time outside.  It is very easy for your dog or your cat to go out there , get a tick and hop on your bed to spend the night with you and the tick comes to find you. So protecting yourself as well as others is important,'' said Jon Rittenberger, emergency physician at Gutherie. 

Ticks can be tiny and hard to detect, which sometimes makes getting an infection inevitable. Common symptoms include rashes, fatigue and body ache. In rare, advanced stages, these diseases could lead to heart problems. Getting diagnosed as soon as possible will help reduce the risks of heart problems.

''The vast majority of people with Lyme disease and other tickborne illnesses can take care of this at home with oral antibiotics,'' said Jon Rittenberger. 

Several factors are contributing to the rise in tickborne illnesses including global warming, building homes in the woods and the increase in deer population.

The best way to deal with tickborne illnesses is to prevent getting them. Wear long clothing in grassy and wooded areas and check yourself thoroughly once home.