BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- In back-to-back attempts on May 4th and 5th two men in custody with Steuben County Jail tried to escape the facility. While both attempts were unsuccessful, officials from the jail say the two incidents are rare and both had unique storylines. 

On May 4th, Nathan Foresman tried to escape jail by stealing a correctional officer's access card.

"He allegedly attempted to steal one of the access control devices from a corrections officer that was escorting him. After asking several questions about 'how to get out' and what doors would lead you out," said Steuben County Sheriff, Jim Allard. 

On May 5th, a corrections officer found a separate prisoner trying to illegally leave prison. An officer noticed a "disturbed area in the ceiling," Sheriff Allard said.

Joshua Jackson tried to escape through the ceiling in the booking area but didn't get far, as officers could still see him. 

"One was a young man who just got remanded from an arrest from the previous night and that was the fella who attempted to go into the ceiling in booking," said Allard. 

Sheriff Allard does not have immediate plans to change any protocol. He believes his staff is well-trained to handle these types of situations with inmates. 

"Sometimes folks make really bad decisions and that is what I think both situations were," said Steuben County Sheriff, Jim Allard. 

Sheriff Allard says this current jail facility, built in 1995, has not seen a successful escape. He said the biggest risk comes when transporting inmates between the jail and court. Allard is hoping to get virtual court appearances re-instated, to avoid the threat.