ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - - Thirty-eight days in counting until Summer 2023 officially launches. As the warm season approaches, so does the relentless yard work for homeowners across the Southern Tier. A Horesheads high school senior may have the answer you need to solve any landscaping troubles encountered.

“I am 17 years old and today we have a landscaping project going on,” said CEO Tyler Mascho of Mascho Property Services. “We are laying some mulch down for a client, getting edging done, trimming up some perennials, and getting everything looking great for the summer.”  

Four years ago, at the age of 13, Tyler choose a path in life most kids would not choose. Instead of dribbling a basketball or clicking a remote to play video games,  he decided to act on his dreams of landscaping. 

“We are in Elmira by Harris Hill and we are putting Mulch down. Four yards of Mulch, putting it down with the loader and we are so reading everything out getting rid of any weeds, and dead debris from over the winter,” Mascho said.  

Tyler works diligently alone to make sure his clientele remains happy with their landscaping. When he can get a lending pair of hands, it definitely helps, but when he is alone, Tyler has tricks up his sleeve to get the work done successfully.

“Landscaping there is so many different kinds of Mulch and it really depends on mulch there are many different ways to put it down and go about putting it down. Some people think it is really easy to slap it down but there really is a technique to make it look great,” added Mascho. 

In case unexpected weather swipes through the Southern Tier, Mascho has the best plan to make sure your landscaping is not affected. 

“When you first start mulch bed you want to put down some sort of fabric to keep the weeds out. You want to create and edge barrier in order to make sure the mower stays away from the mulch being put down, but also to ensure the mulch is staying the bed.” shared Mascho.  

The young landscaper shared his clients are like family and going to work every day is a privilege, not a punishment. 

WENY News wants to congratulate Tyler on his upcoming high school graduation. For more information on the young and thriving business visit Mascho Property Services.