ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Nineteen officers were injured by inmates in three separate incidents at the Elmira Correctional facility during a 10-day stretch in early May.

According to NYSCOPBA, the first incident took place on May 1st, when an officer was punched in the face by an inmate.

Several other officers responded to help bring the inmate to the floor and place handcuffs on him. The four officers involved were evaluated by medical staff and two of them suffered minor injuries, but remained on duty.

The second incident happened on May 4th, when according to NYSCOPBA, an inmate punched an officer and slammed him to the ground. Other officers came in to help place handcuffs on the inmate and as he was being helped to his feet, he freed himself and ran away.

A second inmate attacked an officer in an effort to help the inmate that ran away. That inmate at one point put an officer in a choke hold. Officers were able to break the chokehold grip and free the officer.

Eight officers were injured and four were brought to Arnot Ogden Medical Center for treatment.

The third and final incident occurred on May 11th where according to NYSCOPBA, an inmate threw a cup of urine-smelling liquid at the officers.

Officers were able to gain control of the inmate after he refused officer's orders.

In total, nine officers suffered minor injuries and they all remained on duty.