ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Elmira City Officials are reacting to the situation at First Arena, as the future of the facility remains uncertain.   

Mammoth Sports and Entertainment reportedly owes more than $200,000 in unpaid utility bills for the arena. The organization has said the IDA has failed to repair a malfunctioning HVAC system, leading to massive energy bills.  

In 2021, the IDA identified critical repairs needed at First Arena, including the roof. The City of Elmira contributed $500,000 towards roof repairs in 2022.  

“I still see it as a good investment for the Downtown Area and the Arena.” Elmira Mayor Daniel Mandell said, adding, “It needed to be done because the roof was in disrepair.”  

Mandell said if that money was used for what it was allocated for, the investment is still beneficial, regardless of who operates the facility.  

“Hopefully, it'll be used again and remain a good investment,” Mandell said, adding, “Time will tell on that, so, as of right now, I'm hopeful."   

Mammoth Sports Entertainment is requesting a mediator to help settle the disputes with the IDA.