CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Spring Moonlight Oddities Market is back in Corning for its second year.  

“It's really exciting to see that other people are still really excited about us being here,” Phoenix Belle, the event organizer and co-found of Moonlight Market said.  

Belle teamed up with Burn & Brew Elixirs and Magickal Macabre Arts to bring in over 40 vendors to the market. Hundreds of people showed up to get their tarot cards read by psychic readers, learn about metaphysical classes, dress up in costumes, and look at vendors. 

 Phoenix said she is happy to see that the Corning community has welcomed everyone back with open arms. 

“Just like I said last year, you know, I really helps bring that safe space out for a lot of people that are interested in the witchy, metaphysical, macabre, oddities kind of lifestyle and for the people who feel like Halloween is all year 'round...not just one day,” she said.  

 Metaphysical hobbies center around spirituality, and otherworldly concepts. Co-founder of the Moonlight Market, Sarina Serna, said she understands that this alternative world can make some people uncomfortable. But this yearly market helps open up the conversation for people who are on the fence, she said. 

“Within the Corning Community, there has been more of a trend with metaphysical,” she said. “But we are starting to bring more of, like, a macabre and oddities aspect to it, too...which some people might be uncomfortable with, but it gives it a different perspective that it's actually art.”  

Belle said another witchy event is already in the works for September 23rd of this year.