ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Elmira City Councilman Tory Kitching pled guilty to two violations on Tuesday, May 23rd, stemming from a February arrest at a local restaurant. According to Elmira City Court officials Kitching was offered a plea agreement that he accepted, where he pled guilty to trespass and disorderly conduct, both violations. 

As part of the plea agreement Kitching was given a one year conditional discharge along with fines and surcharges. According to court officials that means if Kitching is arrested within the next year he could face an additional charge and penalties. 

Kitching was initially arrested earlier this year on February 18th after he allegedly tackled someone to the floor during an altercation at WMC North Restaurant. According to Elmira Police, Kitching had been asked to leave the establishment multiple times and refused.

At the time Kitching was charged with Criminal Trespass in the 3rd Degree, and Assault in the Third Degree.