WAVERLY, N.Y. (WENY) -- Local mainstay O'Brien's Inn in Waverly was closed down by the Chemung County Health Department for not having electricity and a bevy of other code violations on Tuesday, May 23rd. According to shut down notices posted on the door of the hotel and restaurant, the building had no temperature control for food and an inoperable water disinfection system.

"The power was not operational therefore, they are not permitted to be open. Our team has been working with the owners on this issues," said Peter Buzzetti III, MPH, public health director for Chemung County. 

Along with the Chemung County Department of Health the Town of Chemung Enforcement Officer posted a notice that the property has been deemed an unsafe and dangerous building. Every single hotel room on the property also had a notice posted from the County Department of Health listing violations of the New York State Sanitary code. County officials say they are working with the property owners. 

WENY News will continue to follow this story and update it as more information becomes available.