BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- On Sunday, May 28th, people participated in goat yoga at ZiegenVine Homestead in Bath, N.Y. A yoga instructor led the class as people started stretching, and goats walked around the area.

Allison Lavine-Ziegenhagen, farm owner and manager of ZiegenVine Homestead said she started having classes because a friend from the west coast sent goat yoga information to her.

"We purchased our farm in 2014, and in 2016 we got our first three goats. The world was pretty harsh (in 2016), and goat yoga was a way to remind people not to take the world so seriously," said Lavine-Ziegenhagen.

Lavine-Ziegenhagen said goats are friendly, dog-like, and therapeutic. She said with yoga, there are health benefits that come with having an animal alongside you while you are working out.

She said doing yoga can create a sense of mindfulness and mentioned that goats can also bring people joy and create a challenge for people.

"It’s the perfect balance of reverence and irreverence. The goats give people either a challenge to focus on doing their yoga and not pet the goats, or they can just be here for the goats," said Lavine-Ziegenhagen.

Barbara Nicholson is one of the yoga instructors for goat yoga at ZiegenVine Homestead. She said having animals around and doing yoga outside can be beneficial to people's health.

"(Goat yoga) helps to reduce stress and blood pressure. Doing the yoga poses also helps with health concerns. Like maybe some people feel better with their ailments for arthritis, improving heart health, and things like that," said Nicholson.

One participant said it was her first time doing goat yoga. She said she was excited to participate in the event, and it helped her relax.

"I am quite often tense, nervous, anxious. I felt a little more relaxed after it," said Courtney Trawitz.

According to an online article about the benefits of goat yoga, animals (like goats) can help increase a person's life span and reduce symptoms of medical conditions that are brought on by stress.