ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Pop culture fans had an opportunity to enjoy the “Pop Market” at Elmira’s American Legion. The event included Illustrators, collectibles, and comic fans; everyone had time to mix and mingle over shared passions.  

“It is Pop Culture, its games, its artwork, its people making their own movies,” excitingly shared Jared Aiosa, Co-Founder of Pop Market. 

The free admission events inspire local and regional artists to present their artistic talents in the Southern Tier. This is one of a few moments each year, where a comic community gathers to share their interest.  

“I am showing off my work and selling books, and art, and comics that I have created over the last 20 years or so,” shared Illustrator Steve Ellis. 

As an Illustrator Ellis began his career drawing for the renowned Marvel and DC comics. Some of his work can be seen across titles like “Spiderwoman,” “Iron Man,” and “Green Lantern.”  

Lately, I have been jumping between "Magic the Gathering" and a couple of independent titles. One is called "Moonshine Big Foot," and “Iron Killer.” I have also been doing illustrations for the "Pathfinder" comic. 

Steve Ellis is also working on his next piece of art titled “Thornclaw Manor.” The book and game are based around one powerful creature turning her community against each other for her inheritance when she passes. 

“Thornclaw Manner, right now I am working like on the early parts of the script, not script, but manuscript for the book. So right now, I have two decks of cards and a character book,” added Ellis.  

During events like Sunday's Pop Market looks to support The Food Bank of the Southern Tier.  

“We work with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, and so we run a raffle, so all the people who are here, they all donate something. It is raffled off. Since the beginning of Pop Market, we have donated over two thousand dollars to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier,” added Aiosa.  

If you have an interest in being a part of the next Pop Market event, visit their social media to learn about what is next on their Calander.