CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Corning-Painted Post School District is making some edits to its “5300 Code of Conduct” policy. During a “public comment” session at the board meeting, parents expressed their concerns. 

“Some of them include just normal Code of Conduct language, but some of them also include dress code changes,” Michelle Caulfield, the Superintendent of Corning-Painted Post School District, said.  

Caulfield welcomed the community to give their "public comment" during the board meeting about the changes that are being made. 

In Policy 5300 Code of Conduct, the changes include: adjusting the phrase "parents" to the more inclusive "family/care giver," and the terms "his/her" to the more gender-neutral terms "they/their." 

Not everyone was on board about the new language being introduced. 

“I'm a parent and there is a big difference between a parent and a family/care giver or guardian,” a concerned parent said. “They're all important... and I'm not saying one is more important than the other but, please don't take away the role of a parent.”  

Other parents expressed their concerns about the dress code.  

“I thank you for your time and urge you to consider and question the proposed dress code,” a concerned parent said. 

When it comes to the school's dress code, changes are being made to modernize and simplify the code, to ensure consistent enforcement and to minimize opportunities for conflict. Among the changes, students would be allowed to wear items like head coverings, spaghetti straps or hairstyles that allow a student to express their individual selves, race, culture or religion. 

“I think that we're looking to have a policy that's more diverse and equitable for all of our students and we're just trying to look at it through that lens,” Caulfield said.