(WENY) -- A Northern Tier teen is bringing home some hardware after competing in a couple of events at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Germany.

Izaak Hobday is the male athlete who is representing Bradford County Pennsylvania, and competed in three events at the Special Olympics World Summer Games.

On June 12th, Hobday, his grandma, and coaches flew to Germany. Hobday competed in the 5K, 4x400 meter relay, and the 1500m. He managed to win a silver medal in the 5K in his division, and a gold medal in the 1500m.

Hobday said he's having a lot of fun and has met people from across the country and the world.

"[I'm] a little bit nervous [but] at the same time I'm just having fun and meeting lots of new friends," said Hobday.

"It’s the other countries trading pins with each other. So he’s got Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, [countries] from all over," said Denise Hibbard, Hobday's grandmother.

One of Hobday's coaches Becky Roof said this is an exciting opportunity.

"This is very very exciting obviously for Special Olympics, [but also] for Izaak. It's exciting for us at Special Olympics Bradford Sullivan," said Roof. She added, "Just in general to be able to have an athlete do this and it just gives so much more for our athletes to work towards, now that they can see what’s possible."

Hobday and Hibbard said they're appreciative and grateful for all of the support they've received.

"Without all of the support from home, this wouldn’t have been possible. It's just been absolutely awesome to witness him accomplish what he's doing," said Hibbard.

Currently, a welcome home parade is in the works for Izaak. If Izaak's flight home goes smoothly, the parade will start around 8/8:30 p.m. on Monday night (June 26th) to welcome the champion home.