ALBANY, NY (WENY)--The Move Over Law in New York requires drivers to move over for emergency vehicles. An amendment to this law, passed in Albany this year, could mean drivers will also have to move over for stopped or parked vehicles on highways, thruways, and parkways. 

Sen. Tim Kennedy (D-63rd Senate District), a co-sponsor of the bill, said this legislation will save lives. He said vehicles stopped or parked are often at risk.   

“There are vehicles large and small traveling by them at high rates of speed and we want to lessen the possibility of a horrific circumstance where someone’s life might be lost,” Sen. Kennedy said. 

Some other lawmakers agreed. 

“It’s really a safety measure that is designed to make sure that the same way we pull over for first responders, law enforcement, other emergency vehicles, we also do the same for disabled vehicles,” said Sen. Lea Webb (D-52nd Senate District). 

Sen. Webb said if the Governor signs this bill, New York will join 13 other states in the nation to pass legislation like this.