HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Horseheads Fire Department celebrated its 150th Anniversary on Saturday afternoon. The day began with a parade through town with firetrucks, police cars, a Pipe Band, and more.

Once the parade ended, people gathered at Thorne Street Park to enjoy food, kids could jump in the bounce houses, and people could buy various items from vendors.

Horseheads Fire Department Chief, Arthur Sullivan said having the fire department make it to 150 years is incredible.

"In 1862, most of the village was destroyed by a fire, and the village didn’t have fire protection. So, the citizens formed petitions and in 1873, they formed the Fire Department here in the Village of Horseheads," said Sullivan.

Sullivan said it’s a great feeling to celebrate 150 years because it’s a volunteer fire department. He said, "We’re still here protecting the citizens of Horseheads and I still have people that want to come and volunteer and do that."

Sullivan said he's been a volunteer firefighter for the last 43 years. He said he has family who were also firefighters for years, and that's what made Saturday's celebration so special.

"We’re celebrating this to show the community we really care about them and we’re still going strong," said Sullivan. He also mentioned an event like this helps show the fire department in a positive light.

"Usually when we come to an emergency scene, something bad has happened. This shows the community that we’re here to support them during happier times and that we’re always behind them," said Sullivan.