SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WENY) -- Cherry Lane Park located in the town of Southport has been through highs and lows over the years. Experiencing everything from breaks in's, trailer fires, and arguments with Sherman Avenue residents. Tuesday, July 11th's meeting held heated tones between board members and upset Southport residents.

"We have 11 residents currently in the park, obviously our goal is to provide quality housing for each of those individuals," said Cherry Lane Park LLC Lawyer Michael Bruno. "Every tenant that's in good standing will have an option, and we'll try to work something out with those tenants to relocate into those new units as we phase them into the park." 

Devine and Bruno LLC stood before the Town of Southport and proposed six plans for new mobile home configurations. Two proposals had interest from Southport elected board, but not from Sherman Avenue residents. 

"I think it's a valid concern. I mean, we've been at this for a couple years now in terms of trying to structure this. I think the answer to that question, the best I can say is as we work through each agreement, this is the second one now, I do think this agreement is better than the first," said Town of Southport Supervisor Joe Roman. 

The plan involves building new mobile homes that are proposed to be sold to park tenants. Some neighbors of the park and town spoke angrily, they all agreed, the current tenants are not living humanely.

"You're gonna tell me they're going to try selling these new trailers to the people that live there? That already think it's low income? What do you think they're gonna charge? You know what they're doing? They're trying to get everybody in that park, before you either one shut it down, or two, they renovate so they don't have to spend a dime housing nobody. It doesn't take a fool to figure it out," said Sherman Avenue Resident Tina Moore. 

Tuesday's meeting announced a "special meeting," Monday, July 17th at 3 PM to review Cherry Lane's Park proposal. Town board members and Southport residents requested clarification in certain sections of the proposal.

WENY News will continue to follow this story and update with new information when available.