BREAKING: Prison escapee Michael Burham has been taken into custody, according to state police.

Here's the latest on the search for Michael Burham, the man charged with homicide and kidnapping who escaped from the Warren County Jail last Thursday night:

Doorbell video did not show Burham: Pennsylvania State Police on Saturday said they were able to determine the person in the video released Friday was not Michael Burham, despite earlier beliefs, after someone came forward to help identify who the person likely is.

They said the release of the video helped make this determination.

When asked if troopers have any other video doorbell recordings who may be Burham, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said they have some other recordings, but there are not any they concluded are absolutely him.

Investigators said they still have reason to believe he is still in the area.

Troopers said they still believe Burham is likely still suffering from a limp.

Recent searches in past 24 hours: State police said on Saturday they received several tips around the Warren area which resulted in wooded searches, dog tracks or the clearing of structures.

Investigators said "at least one was promising but none have been conclusive at this point."

When asked about the progress made in the manhunt, Bivens said on Saturday, "As recently as last night, there were some significant ups."

State police believe he will become more desperate and attempt to acquire the things he needs to survive.

Investigators on where Burham may be: "I have an idea of what the geographic area that I believe he is in," said Bivens on Friday. "Within that area is a significant amount of national forest but also residences. I don't believe he's sitting in one area the size of a football field and doesn't move. As he moves around, he encounters residences and businesses."

Photo of stockpile/cache found in woods released: State police on Thursday have released an image of one of the stockpiles or stashes they have discovered in the woods just outside the City of Warren as part of the manhunt for jail escapee Michael Burham.

Investigators said they are "confident" it belong to Burham and that it contained clothing, food and other materials that would be used by someone who needed to exist in the woods.

The materials in the photo were wrapped in a tarp and stashed under a log, troopers said. They asked people who may be spending time in the woods or the area to keep an eye out for stockpiles like this and report them to investigators.

When asked if there were any weapons in the stash, state police said not in this particular one.

Rewards increased to $22,000: U.S. Marshals increased its reward to $10,000 for information leading to Burham's arrest, investigators announced Thursday.

Warren Crime Stoppers has issued a $2,000 reward, and Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers has put up a $10,000 reward.

Police presence at cemetery: Erie News Now spotted crews Wednesday evening in Oakland Cemetery in Warren.

Investigators on Thursday called it a "very significant" lead but said it did not lead them to Burham.

State police said they received reports of a person who had possibly been kidnapped and had a vehicle taken, but it turned out that was not the case, and the elderly man involved was safe.

Drone reported near jail before escape: A drone may have been operating in the area of the jail before Michael Burham's escape, investigators said Wednesday. State police said the information came from interviews, and it is unclear if it is related to the escape.

They are asking anyone with information on the drone or its operator to contact investigators.

"I'm not a big believer in coincidences, but what I would tell you is that just prior to the escape, there was a drone flying in that area," said Bivens on Wednesday. "It could be that there is a perfectly innocent and reasonable explanation. It could also be that it was somehow connected to his escape and we intend to find out more about that."

Receiving help?: Investigators said Tuesday they have a "strong" belief he is receiving help, and they are prepared to prosecute anyone involved.

We learned Wednesday from state police they are interviewing possible accomplices.

Reason to believe he's armed: State police on Wednesday said they have reason to believe Michael Burham may be armed based on recent findings and investigative leads.

"We consider Burham to be armed and dangerous," said Bivens on Wednesday. "Without going into a lot of detail, we have additional information that we have gleaned recently that causes me to have additional concerns that he may be armed."

They do not believe he poses a threat to any particular area.

Sightings, break-ins reported: Investigators said Thursday they have some credible video and sightings of Burham.

Some of the leads included possible sightings Monday evening and overnight, as well as the discovery of break-ins of unoccupied structures or cabins, according to state police on Tuesday.

Rapid DNA samples are also being used for comparisons to either include or exclude Burham from those sites. None of the sightings have panned out, investigators said.

"We continue to make sure that we're putting pressure on him": State police said they have brought in additional resources to handle investigative leads and to expand the search areas instead of waiting for Burham to make a mistake that would get him caught. More than 15 federal, state and local agencies and 200+ law enforcement officers are actively involved in the manhunt, and troopers said they continue to ramp that up. The United States Marshal Service has also added resources.

"I believe we are putting significant pressure on him," said Bivens on Monday. "We're actively pushing him in these areas. If he is here, he is not getting any rest. We are using technology to our benefit. I don't want to go into all of those types of technology, but I believe at some point we will force him to make a mistake."

The suspect: Burham is 34 years old and approximately 5' 10" tall and 160 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and a tiger tattoo on his right arm. He was last seen wearing a blue denim coat from the jail, white and orange pants, and orange Croc-style shoes. Investigators believe he may have changed his clothing since then.

Police said he should be considered armed and dangerous based on his past actions and criminal activity.

Investigators have interviewed many people, associates, relatives and fellow inmates who know Burham to draw a picture of who he is and how law enforcement can anticipate he may react to various situations, according to state police.

Law enforcement's message to community: The public is asked to keep their residences, outbuildings and vehicles secured at all times. They also want people to make sure they are not making it easy for him to acquire any supplies or transportation.

Police are also asking the public to regularly check any doorbell or surveillance cameras for any signs of Burham.

Multiple areas have been checked, and the community can continue to expect an increased law enforcement presence throughout Warren County.

Anyone who sees Burham is asked to call 911 immediately and advised not to approach him. Any tips or information should be reported by calling the command post at 717-265-9650.

There is no reason for people to avoid the Allegheny National Forest or change their plans due to the search for Burham, according to state police on Monday.

"We're trying to make our own luck," said Bivens on Monday. "We're trying to force that mistake. We're trying to bring this to a conclusion as rapidly as possible. That's why you see the significant resources that were brought to bear. If you've spent any time at all here, you've seen no doubt seen patrol cars with uniformed troopers. You've seen other special operators from various state and federal entities working through wooded areas or clearing buildings, and you've seen aviation assets overhead. There are many other things in play that you haven't seen. Again, what I would point out is we are doing everything that I believe we reasonably can at this point, trying to be as unobtrusive within the community as possible, while at the same time giving this our full effort."

The escape: He was last seen in a recreational area on the Warren County Jail property around 11:20 p.m. Thursday, according to police. It's believed he used exercise equipment to scale the wall of the jail and bedsheets to get over and down.

Each inmate is required by law to have a certain amount of yard time each day, state police said Sunday. Given the number of inmates, the number of space available and the number of staff, only a certain number of inmates can be out at any given time. To get everyone their time, there is a rotation from very early in the morning until late at night, so that the jail is in compliance with the law, and the inmates get the appropriate amount of outside exercise time, according to troopers.

Burham now faces a felony escape charge, which was filed Friday.

"The fundamental problem is that there was a structural weakness in the cage on the roof," said Jeff Eggleston, Warren County Commissioner, during a news conference Wednesday. "That's it as far as the facility goes. If that hadn't been the case, you wouldn't be here, and we wouldn't be having this conversation."

The search: Immediately after the escape, officers went door-to-door in the City of Warren. K-9 dogs and the Pennsylvania State Police helicopter were also used. The search was later expanded. Drones are being used to search for Burham in Allegany National Forest, which is a short distance from the jail. Pennsylvania State Police has assumed command of the manhunt and is working with federal, state and local law enforcement. In addition to using what police called "aviation assets," law enforcement has been searching on foot.

As of Saturday afternoon, investigators did not believe he left the general area or is currently in the Jamestown area, but they said he could be held up in a wooded area based on his self-taught survivalist and military training skills. State police said they have also reached out to the couple who was previously kidnapped by Burham in Warren County to make sure they are safe.

Troopers on Sunday said law enforcement has been searching numerous residences, abandoned structures and wooded areas based on tips over the past 24 hours. They would not disclose any specific locations.

"I believe that we are actively and aggressively pushing him," said Bivens on Monday. "I don't want to say any more than that or try and characterize that in terms of how close, but I do believe that we are on the right path."

State police said they do not want Burham to know exactly what police have found or not found at this point in time, in case he is able to access that information.

A search team was seen in the Tiona area on Tuesday. Get the latest from Erie News Now's Ethan Kibbe »

A majority of the tips coming in have pointed those searching to the rural areas, state police on Tuesday.

Search crews were also seen Wednesday evening in Oakland Cemetery in Warren.

His history: Burham faces charges in three states: New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

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