HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- Kids are excited for a break from school, but many kids see a decline in their reading skills during the summer months called the summer slide. The summer slide is when kids lose some of the skills they've gained over the school year because of the lack of learning in the summertime.   

“Research has shown that over about a quarter of a century that kids [who are] not reading during the summer can lose anywhere from 17 percent all the way to one third of the gains that they made during the school year.  These losses can be cumulative summer after summer,” said Tim Farrell, CEO of United Through Reading 

These losses can negatively affect a child's learning but reading even five minutes a day can prevent the summer slide for many children. 

“If we stop exercising, we lose the benefits we gain, in this case the school year.  But over the summer, [if] they continue to read, they’ll be better prepared for the next school year, and hopefully achieve better academic success,” said Owen Frank, supervisor of the Horseheads Library. 

There are programs to help reduce the summer slide at the local library. The Chemung County Library District offers a variety of summer reading programs for people of all ages. 

“The main goal of the summer reading club is to give our children and adults and teenagers an opportunity to improve on their reading skills through the year, but reading for fun, reading for enjoyment, and reading for learning as well,” said Frank. 

For more information on the Chemung County Library District's summer reading programs, click here.