ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY)-- Bampa’s House opened its doors in Corning during the pandemic to provide people with hospice care when they are at the end of their lives. Today, organizations like Appleridge Senior Home in Horseheads, donated money during the Bampa’s House Annual Golf Tournament at the Elmira Country Club. Scores of golfers joined them in supporting the services that Bampa’s House offers.

‘’Bampa’s House is a two bedroom facility for people at the end of life. People who come to us are already ina hospice program. Usually, the people who come to us have three months or less to live. ‘’ said Joan Wilson, the President of Bampa’s House. 

This hospice care is community driven. Consequently, they are always recruiting new volunteers who are willing and able to reach out and care for people who need the most compassion. 

‘’ We have caregiving volunteers, who deliver comfort care. This may mean having a conversation with someone, giving them a shower or helping them to bed. Whatever that person might need,’’ said Joan Wilson. 

Bampa’s House is located in 170 East First Street in Corning.  Persons can find out more information here