WASHINGTON, D.C. - The State Department said Russia is escalating their attacks on Ukraine by sending missiles to hit important port towns, residential buildings and even world heritage sites. 

“Over the weekend we saw horrific images of burning churches and flattened residential buildings,” said State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller. “Today, Russia attacked grain warehouses on the Danube River now a vital export route since Russia has blocked Black Sea ports.” 

The State Department said Russia has ramped up their attacks on Ukraine recently. Killing and injuring civilians. Some of the attacks targeted a Ukrainian port town on the Danube River, destroying a grain hangar. It’s an attack that appears to target Ukraine's ability to export agriculture products.  

Within the past couple of days, Russia ended a rare wartime agreement to allow Ukraine's grain exports reach global ports through the Black Sea. Some said the recent attack on a grain hangar shows the Kremlin has expanded its aggression against Ukraine's agriculture exports by targeting alternate routes for grain to reach world markets.  

“These vicious strikes show Russia is willing to use food as a weapon in its illegal war with Ukraine,” said Miller. 

These explosions on the Danube River are right across from Romania, a NATO member. Risking a more direct confrontation with the US and it’s NATO allies.  

“Since the outset of this conflict we have made one clear, one thing clear with the principle of respect to our NATO partners and we will continue to reiterate that is we will defend every inch of NATO territory,” said Miller. “The Secretary made that clear in his call with the Romanian foreign minister and the president has made it clear on several occasions and it continues to be one of our fundamental bedrock principles.” 

The Turkish president said he will try to speak with Russia on continuing the Black Sea Grain Initiative to help get grain out to places where they rely on that product. So far it doesn’t look promising that agreement will continue anytime soon.