SAYRE, PA (WENY) -- “Barbie” has been showing in theaters, across the nation, since Friday. Fans across the country are celebrating with pink outfits, sparkles, and popcorn.  

Director Greta Gerwig has already exceeded box office expectations by raking in over $162 million dollars over the weekend. Mothers and daughters have been waiting in lines to watch the movie’s messages about female empowerment and individuality.  

The Bradford County Regional Arts Council and Sayre Theater collaborated to put on a 'Girl's Night Out' with Barbie. The seats were filled with young girls to older women, dressed from head to toe in pink pastels.  

“Who doesn’t love Barbie,” Sayre Theatre’s manager, Sarah Brackel, said. “You belong and you are Ken-ough and there’s so much ‘You are enough’ messages.” 

Liz Ann Mcewen brought her 12-year-old daughter Bella Mcewen because she wanted to show Bella a movie with a strong female lead.  

“I want her to walk away with...she can do whatever she wants,” Liz Ann said. “She doesn't have to be put in a mold and just be whatever society says she has to be. It's just about doing...whatever you want, spreading your wings, and just being awesome.” 

Angelina Carpenter brought her 12-year-old daughter Makenna Carpenter because they both loved to play with Barbie dolls at a young age. Now, Angelina said they can see both of their fantasy worlds come alive on the big screen. 

“I'm always telling Makenna to be her own person and to be a leader of her friends,” Angelina said. “ stay true to herself and hold on to her own values and just be herself.”  

Troop leaders Arrah Mccarty and Heather Henrich brought their girls with Scout Troop 60187 to celebrate their “girl power.” 

“We’re hoping that these girls learn that they can really do anything,” Mccarty said. 

The girls cheered, in unison, for Barbie’s character, strength, and confidence when they were waiting in line for their tickets.  

The Barbie brand’s slogan is: You Can Be Anything! Everyone can get a chance to learn more about the message of empowerment while the movie is shown in theaters, across the Twin Tiers.