WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- Senator Chuck Schumer was in Watkins Glen on Tuesday to share a new proposal that could have a big impact here in the Southern Tier and across the country. The ONSHORE bill aims to bring jobs back to America and to help galvanize the manufacturing sector. 

If passed, this bill could bring new life to the area, spur industrial development, and create new jobs. Sites like the former Chemung Foundry site in Elmira Heights would be used for supply chain manufacturing under this bill. The lot sits useless right now, but with the proposed ONSHORE act, new life would be given to the ashes of the building. 

“It finally solves the chicken or the egg problem companies have faced for years of needing to prepare sites for new investments, even ahead of having a company interested.  So, this act allows the sites to be ready ahead of time,” said Senator Schumer. 

ONSHORE stands for 'opportunities for non-developed sites to have opportunities to be rehabilitated for economic development'. The goal is to bring jobs to the Southern Tier, through sites supply chain companies would want to work out of. 

"I believe in bringing jobs back to upstate New York.  I'm here to talk about a new bipartisan bill that would help sites like this attract supply chain companies on into the future,” added Senator Schumer. 

 Under this act, the Schuyler County Business Park, Wayland Business Park, and the former Chemung Foundry site in Elmira heights could all receive federal funding. Senator Schumer says the Southern Tier is a perfect place to roll out this act. 

"We saw over decades that many companies left our region. Whether it was in Elmira, Binghamton or even here in Schuyler County.  But, now they're coming back into good, new industries that are going to have a great future,” said Senator Schumer. 

Senator Schumer says he is hopeful that the bill will pass into law in the next year.