TROY, PA. (WENY) -- A Northern Tier business is holding its grand re-opening this weekend. 

Good Grief Refillery is a non-toxic refill store with the goal of promoting a safe and sustainable environment in the Northern Tier. 

“We have everything from personal care products to household cleaners,” said Myrana Sparling, Owner of Good Grief Refillery. “Everything is nontoxic. We ensure there's no greenwashing so that people can come and shop confidently.” 

The idea for the shop took off back in April 2021, when Sparling and her family experienced the unthinkable. 

“My husband and I experienced a stillbirth,” she said. “She was three days before her due date. I went in for my 39-week appointment and the doctor tapped me on the leg and she said, ‘I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat.’” 

Sparling’s daughter, Prestynn Mae, was born the next day with a true knot in her forehead. As Sparling and her family coped with the unimaginable loss, the process of grief soon sparked a glimmer of hope. 

“I had been begging my family to let me open a refill store...and then finally one day I was like, ‘I'm working in this business,” she said. 

That business became Good Grief Refillery, making Sparling’s lifelong dream a reality. 

“We don't have many things in our community that are we just chose to kind of take a passion and that energy of grief and put them together,” she said. 

Created as a tribute to Prestynn Mae, the name of the shop was created using a play on words, representing the Sparling family’s journey from grief to growth. 

“With grief, you can do good things,” said Sparling. “You get this kind of energy with grief, and you can put it towards that good thing, or you can put it towards something bad. So, we chose to put ours towards something good.” 

Throughout the process of creating the business, Sparling’s husband, Tyler, has been right by her side. 

“It's a blessing,” he said. “This is just our way of trying to move forward in life and make something good out of something bad.” 

One prominent part of the tribute to Prestynn Mae: the shop’s logo. 

“When you look at our logo, you see a sweet pea flower,” said Sparling. “We call her our sweet pea, and in the stem of it is the outline of her face.” 

In the upper corner of the logo are also three dots, representing Sparling’s three living boys. 

Good Grief Refillery officially opened in May 2023 at Marks Marketplace in Troy. After just three months, Sparling’s dream became bigger than she could have ever imagined. 

“The word spread super quickly and we just outgrew the space in such a short period of time...we've just been blown away,” she said. “We would look at our sales at the end of the day and just be amazed at what we have's just been goose pimples.” 

Now officially open at their new location on Canton Street in Troy, the shop expanded their products to even more shelf items, including toothpaste tablets, feminine care products and brand-new supplements. One of the main draws, however, is the business' refill station, where guests can either buy a container or bring their own and refill it with products like stain remover, laundry soap options, fabric softener, all purpose cleaners and more.

“The performance is top-notch,” said Tarah Clark, a regular customer who runs a Facebook group on toxin-free living. “Definitely knowing that they're safe for my family is huge for me.” 

While creating a cleaner, safer environment in the Northern Tier, the shop’s central tribute to Prestynn Mae, however, still takes center stage. 

“The vibe here is so friendly [and] welcoming,” said Clark. “Just seeing the pictures of her daughter and the's just so heartwarming and gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.” 

The tribute is especially meaningful for parents from all paths of life, including another regular customer and mother, Maggie Pratt. 

“That's hard to imagine what Myrana and her family have been through,” Pratt said through tears. “So, I'm glad that they have this way to honor their daughter and keep her in their family.” 

With this new chapter under their belt, the Sparling family aims to keep Prestynn Mae’s memory alive by sharing the positivity and hope they found on this journey. 

“I want to hear about loved ones that people have lost. I want to break the stigma behind things like child pregnancy and infant loss,” Sparling said. “I have heard from grandparents, parents [and] other people that have lost children...or other people in the community [that did not] even know that they were pregnant in the first place. We've heard so many stories that people are able to share with us. That is exactly our goal: it’s hope.” 

Good Grief Refillery will be holding its Grand Opening on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The shop is located at 811 Canton Street in Troy. More information on the business can be found on its website.