CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Kids and adults had fun on Friday afternoon by playing a free life-size version of Candy Land. The event was hosted by the Southeast Steuben County Library at the Nassar Civic Center Ice Rink in Corning.

"I went to Candy Land at the library, and it was a great timeIt was all fun and games. It was fun no matter what," said Noah, who got to play Candy Land with his family.

Children's Librarian Sue McConnell helped pass out spinners and told people how to play Candy Land. McConnell said she started Candy Land because she needed something to do as a program.

"We decided to do Candy Land because everyone knows how to play. Just picture the version you played as a child, [and] we made it life-sized [where] the person is the game piece," said Children's Librarian, Sue McConnell.

Children, their families, and others who participated got to spin a spinner and walk around the rink as if they were the game pieces. 

The life-size game was a way for kids to have fun and work on their fine motor skills, said McConnell.

"They have to know their colors. They have to have those fine motor skills to spin the game spinner [and] also have patience, [knowing] that you have to wait your turn," said McConnell.

McConnell said Candy Land was a way for kids to get active this summer.

"I've had people who have done the game twice. You're getting up, you’re moving, you’re with other kids,’re not sitting on the couch," said McConnell.

McConnell said she hopes to bring Candy Land back next year, and if things go well, she hopes to add another classic game to the event.