WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- It is the third day of fun for people camping out at Watkins Glen International. Returning campers filled the grounds to prepare for the race weekend. 

Joe Disanto has been coming to "Go Bowling at the Glen" for nearly 20 years. He keeps coming back because to him, it is about tradition and the atmosphere makes it impossible for him to stay away. 

“The environment here is aesthetic, electric...it's a good environment, here,” he said. “This is the place to come. If you want to come to Watkins Glen and have a good time, you come here.” 

Adam Wright travels three hours across New York State, every year, to meet new people, play corn hole, and enjoy the racing. He refuses to miss it. 

“It's a family tradition,” he said. “Some of my best memories from my life are here. Big growth moments, meeting people from all different walks of life, it's a good time.” 

The campers are dedicated to returning. Many campers have been coming out to the grounds over a wide range of time. From two years to 25. Lots of people agreed that they will be returning to Watkins Glen International for next year’s “Go Bowling at the Glen.”