(WENY) -- Imagine going about your day, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, until you get a knock at your door. A random person tells you that you've committed voter fraud, it's part of numerous reports around New York State showing that individuals are impersonating Board of Elections officials.

"What started as a few instances across the state a few weeks ago turned into a much more, what appeared to be coordinated pattern of activity really quickly," said Kathleen McGrath, the director of public information for the New York State Board of Elections.

McGrath told WENY that victims of these impersonators, tend to have certain qualities in common, such as recent change of address across county lines, "Honestly the common denominator for everyone that's been approached because all of them have kind of followed the same pattern, is that they've moved. And that's that most New Yorkers have moved. They genuinely don't register at 18 and stay at that same address forever."

The discrepancy can occur when someone's name appears on multiple county election registers. This is typically resolved when counties communicate changes in residency. Despite this, impersonators of board of election officials have stepped up in recent weeks, "It's scary, someone comes to your door unannounced, claims to be a government official, and tells you that you're committing a crime. That's intimidating, we're happy these people have come forward, we want others to come forward if they have similar experiences."

The New York State Board of Elections asks that anyone affected to contact the appropriate authorities.