NEW YORK STATE (WENY) -- Big changes are on the way for gun owners in New York State. Starting on September 13th, there will be background checks for buying ammunition.  

If someone purchases a gun at a firearms store, they have to go through a background check. Now, starting next Wednesday, there will be a new check for ammunition. It is a new law going into effect in New York State. 

“It will be $2.50 for each check and $9.00 for each gun. Guns are still going through the Federal...through the New York State Police so it's two different background checks,” Vivian Woodworth, the manager of Louie’s Gun Shop, said. 

Woodworth has been working at Louie’s, in Bath, for over 13 years. She said other than the new ammunition background check, and the new way the firearms checks will be router, all other regulations will remain the same. 

“We have always done background checks on guns,” she said. “A few months ago, we started doing information on when somebody comes in and buys ammo. We take a copy of their card...their license...and we have to write down what they buy and that will go back to the State Police.” 

Woodworth raised a concern about the increased cost that comes with the new rules, especially for smaller ammunition purchases. 

“I think it's really nonsense of paying the $2.50 per... because if you pay $4.95 for a box of 22, then $2.50 on top of does add up,” she said. 

The new ammunition background check requirements will not affect reloading supplies or muzzle loading ammunition. It will only apply to fully assembled rounds of ammunition.