YATES COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Yates County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating multiple cases of scams that are targeted at senior citizens. Police said several thousand dollars are being scammed from individuals. 

Police said, in some cases, people are receiving computer “pop-up” messages that may imply an involvement in a crime, pornography, embezzlement, or some other accusations.  

In other cases, people are getting alerts that their computer is being located due to a virus, with a phone number to call to get assistance. Often, these spam alerts will reference a police investigation or a law enforcement matter that requires a payment to fix the problem.  

Police advise people who are receiving these types of phone calls, emails, and alerts on the computer to not take immediate action. Contact a trusted family member or law enforcement, immediately.  

It is important to mention that this warning is coming from the Yates County Sheriff’s Office, but these types of scams know no boundaries or borders.