ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Chemung County Department of Aging and Long Term Care partnered with Meals on Wheels today to host a day full of fun and games. 

Meals on Wheels Chemung County says its mission is to provide nutritious meals to those in need in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. With support from the Chemung County Department of Aging and Long Term Care as well as AARP, Meals on Wheels hosted a "Reach Out and Play" event to allow seniors to play games catering to their generation whilst celebrating older generations and grandparent's day.

Chemung County Department of Aging and Long Term Care director Beth Stranges told WENY how the event can help bring people of all generations together, "We really were trying to get as many different communities together as we can to celebrate older adults, and also celebrate grandparent's day in the meantime, bringing together younger adults, younger children, and our older adults so that they can learn how to play different games together to learn about what each generation brings to the table and about some of their history."

Meals on Wheels Chemung County volunteers don't just provide nutritious hot meals to older generations, but also keep them informed of what's happening in the community, as detailed by their executive director, Katie Boland, "We send out the home delivered meals every day to all of our clients, so we put a flyer in every single bag so that all of our clients will know and then the Office of Aging, they do outreach with their clients, just trying to get people to come have fun."

This event is one of many that will allow seniors to connect with each other, allowing the fun and good times to keep on rolling, while also providing education regarding the community and levels of support that can be provided to all generations.