ALBANY, NY (WENY)--Gov. Kathy Hochul recently signed legislation to increase the amount for workers compensation benefits. 

Toward the end of the most recent legislative session in June, New York state lawmakers passed a bill intending to increase the weekly minimum for New Yorkers who receive workers compensation benefits. 

Some New York state lawmakers said this compensation for temporary or partially disabled workers has not been increased in several years. 

“We’re trying to ensure that working is protected, a worker is protected if you get hurt in some type of temporary disability, you’ll be able to survive in New York state financially,” said Sen. James Sanders (D-10th Senate District).

The current weekly benefits for workers compensation around $150 a week. The new law will essentially index the weekly benefit to inflation. 

Some Republican lawmakers expressed concern about this new law potentially driving business out of the state. 

“The cost of doing business here is so much higher and workers compensation insurance is one of those reasons. Literally, it’s about twenty times more expensive in New York State than it is for an equivalent business in the state of Pennsylvania,” said Sen. George Borrello (R-57th Senate District).

While Sen. Sanders, the bill's sponsor, said increasing compensation benefits is crucial for workers to be able to pay their bills. 

“This is not enough; you would go so far behind in your bills that you would rush back to work regardless of how healthy you feel, you would be forced back,” he said. 

The legislation is written to take effect immediately.