CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Harvest Festival is an annual event that has been Corning for nearly two decades. At the annual festivities, there are lots to see, buy and enjoy; from plants, fall clothing, face painting, to pumpkin spice donuts and coffee. Visitors flood in from the Twin Tiers and across the United States. 

"Well, I have literally spoken to dozens of people that have driven from as far as Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Toronto, and of course all of the wonderful regional people who support us all the time throughout the year," said Executive Director of Corning's Gaffer District, Coleen Fabrizi.

Corning is filled with over 230 businesses, including bakeries, bars, clothing, knitting, music shops, and more. Most of the businesses brought their shops outside and filled Market Street to the brim with fall festivities. Mill Street Coffee Roasting Company enjoys unpacking its fall flavors, but the local store does not release the autumn treat until the aroma of fall is in the air.

"Once I bring out the fall flavors, cause that's usually what everyone waits for and begs for, but I don't spit them out until fall time comes around and I always complain about making extra because I make enough as it is, but I like to eat them too," said Halli Jennings, Mill Street Coffee Roasting Company-employee. 

Pumpkin spice takes over fall, it adds flavor to everything from coffee and donuts to popcorn. Mill Street Popcorn adds a hint of sweet, salty, and fall flavor to their popcorn.

"[We have} Reese's Caramel Corn, if you want. Sweet because it's got real Reese's peanut butter cups, or if you're more savory, our white cheddar salt and vinegar is our number one bestseller," Jennings added.

Adults, teens, and families with young kids visited the two-day-long festival. One nine-year-old enjoyed the Harvest Festival with his mom and dad. 

"I really like checking out all the scarecrows," shared Andy. He told WENY that he is excited for Halloween and looks forward to dressing up. 

As September turns to October, and snow grazes the ground, it is easier to get sick from the cold weather. A Southern Tier apothecary explained how they use herbal remedies if you get sick.

"As for the fall, we really try to work on the allergy aspect," April Hart from Bespoke Apothecary shared. "Our fire cider has almost 30 ingredients, all geared towards upper respiratory issues and allergy herbs like nettle. There is honey in here."

Harvest Festival began Friday, September 15, and ended at 8 p.m. Saturday, September 16. Fall begins on Saturday, September 23, 2023.