ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Able 2 hosted their fourth annual Grits and Guts 5k and 1 mile run, walk, or stroll at Eldridge Park. The nonprofit organization invited the Southern Tier to come together as a community and enjoy a fitness-filled Sunday morning. 

"We help with adults with disabilities," said Christina Rosettie, Able 2 Rehab Manager. "We have a lot of services and programs, and all the money today will go directly to that directly to the services and supporting the folks that we care for."

Toddlers, kids, teens, adults, and Able 2 residents took one to three laps around Eldridge Park. Able 2 residents and patients were smiling and saying 'hi' to everyone as they were assisted through the fitness fun. 

Two young volunteers cheered on participants as they finished their 1-mile or 3-mile fitness journey. Runs like "Grits and Guts" inspired Heidi to run for a purpose. 

"{I participate in} a lot of the races that we do are events for charities and organizations," said runner Heidi Vanbuskirk. Buskirk added that last year she and her son finished in first place for both the male and female sections, respectively.

On a cool morning, Able 2 resident and her aide Chelsea, helped her finish the one-mile walk. 

"Mary, I think did a fantastic job. She was quite a good sport. She helps me along the way and she said hello to everybody and asked them how they were doing in the race to every person. She said hi to everyone. Hi, how are you made everyone's day," Chelsea said on behalf of Mary. 

Able 2 had excited participants who cheered every runner, walker, and stroller on until they crossed the finish line.