SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WENY) --  On Monday, September 18, a Sherman Avenue neighbor who lives across from Southport Cherry Lane Park alerted WENY news about crews preparing to demolish 10 condemned trailers.

In a licensing agreement executed with the town in late July, Cherry Lane Park has 45 days to demolish condemned trailers determined to be unlivable for issues including but not limited to, electrical wiring and bed bug infestation. At the monthly town meeting on Tuesday, September 12th board members addressed a challenge surrounding utilities connecting condemned and occupied trailers.

"Both my gas and electric contacts at NYSEG have told me that trailers 3, 9, 29, [and] 38 all have active service, so they are unable to disconnect," said Town of Southport Supervisor Joe Roman during the board meeting on Tuesday, September 12th. "Also, the problem both departments are having is disconnecting trailers that have shared services, like gas lines." 

Southport's board members then discussed giving the park an additional 45 days to deal with the unexpected hiccup. The board determined they would revisit the issue if the units were not demolished by October's monthly meeting. The original date of the 45 day timeline outlined in the agreement is Thursday, September 21st.

Cherry Lane Park LLC's attorney Michael Bruno told WENY News in a phone call on Wednesday, September 13th, that the town board's understanding of the utility issue is not correct. Bruno explained that shared utilities were disconnected from linked units. At the time of the phone call, Bruno said the park was waiting for an NYSEG contractor to remove the meters from the condemned trailers. 

On Monday, September 18th, crews were seen preparing for construction to commence. A construction worker told a WENY reporter on scene that workers were removing gas units, and he expected the demolition wold begin on the end of the mobile home park closest to Cedar Street.

The park currently has 11 occupied trailers and 10 condemned units. The 10 condemned trailers are scattered throughout the park, including lots: 3, 7, 9, 18, 29, 30, 34, 36, 38, and 40. Each condemned trailer has an indicated sign, and as of Monday, September 18th, wooden planks were nailed across some front doors.