LINDLEY, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Town of Lindley Planning Board held a meeting on Monday night to discuss a concept plan for a solar panel farm and an EV charging station off of Interstate 99, by the Presho exit. The town hall was packed with community members voicing their concerns about the plans. There was general uncertainty about the plans from the community, and many said they are unsure if this is the right move for the Town of Lindley. 

“I just don't want us to fall prey because we are an outskirt town,” said one concerned citizen. 

Earl Titus, the Chairman of the Town of Lindley Planning Board explained some of the plans in detail.  

“For the right now it's a concept plan off the Presho exit, they want to buy a 30 acre parcel, and put half of it into solar panels, and eventually they want to do a charging station for the EV cars, and also on the one end they want to put up a sign so it adversities the charging stations,” said Titus. 

The plans include several hundred solar panels, as well as a large sign that can be seen from the interstate. Residents spoke of their concerns about the cost of the project, the potential environmental impact, and just the general lack of information concerning the project. They spoke in an open forum, directly to the planning board. 

“I’m not only concerned about whats happening now, but you also have to worry about the stuff that's down the road. I just want to make sure that were given all the correct information from this company that might be doing this.  We don't know, we just need to make sure were given the correct facts,” said Amber Brarens, a Town of Linley resident. 

Titus says this is just a concept plan for now, and says that ESG energy holdings company, who made the plans, needs to get approval before anything is decided. 

“All we did was pass the concept for it, and then they got to have approval from NYSEG, DEC, the State of New York, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  So, they got a lot of work to do,” said Titus. 

Titus added that an application for this plan needs to be submitted, and then a meeting will be held where public opinion can be heard. He said all this will factor into the final decision, and there is no timeline for this project yet.