WASHINGTON, D.C. - The clock is ticking for congress to finalize spending bills. With a lot of fighting among house republicans, it’s been slow to move those bills forward. This week, republicans announced an agreement has been made. 

In the House republican press conference, you could just feel how frustrated some of these members are that a handful of their own colleagues are making these negotiations very difficult. But most House republicans have a plan they want to move forward with.  

Their plan is to pass a short-term continuing resolution (CR) that keeps funding the government until they can all come to an agreement on these spending bills. In this short term CR, it would cut more spending for federal agencies and implement Trump-era border initiatives. This comes at a time where leaders in both chambers say a short-term measure is needed to keep the government up and running after the September 30th deadline. A handful of far-right republicans have pushed back the idea of a short-term measure, which has kept these bills from moving forward. House republican leadership is warning against their members from opposing this proposal.  

“This is the most conservative CR ever put forward,” said Rep. Stephanie Bice (R- OK). “And for some of my colleagues to walk away from continuing to fund government, from securing the border, from cutting spending and protecting our vets, is a mistake.” 

“If my conservative colleagues want to vote against that, go explain that,” said Rep. Chip Roy (R- TX). “Go explain that you’re voting against a 30-day 8 percent cut to the federal bureaucracy while having a piece of legislation attached to it that is the strongest border legislation ever passed and it was passed out of this House republican conference.”  

Its unclear how this measure will do in the Senate but that clock is ticking for congress to figure out these very important spending bills in a relatively short amount of time.