PENN YAN, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Buffalo Bills games are a highlight of the season in the Southern Tier.  To many fans, the Bills are not just football, but a way to come together as a community.

The Keuka Chapter of the Bills Backers Fan Club meets to watch every game together.  People travel from all over to support the bills as a community.  According to the president of the chapter, people from as far as Massachusetts and California have traveled to watch the games with like minded fans.  

"Last week, from the Jacksonville game, we had 150 people out here to watch the game together.  With football and the bills, especially when they're really good, brings the community, and brings us all together," said Nathan Baker, the president of the Keuka Chapter of the Bills Backers Fan Club.

One man moved from Illinois recently, and found himself right at home with this chapter of the Bills Backers Fan Club.  He says he's been watching the last few games at the brewery with the club.

"I've been away from western New York since 1983, so its been a homecoming anyway, but i came to Penn Yan and found a Bills Backers chapter right here in town.  If you cant be at Highmark Stadium, the best place to be is with a group of Bills fans. It'll be as loud here as it is at the stadium," said Mike Quinn, a Bills fan.

There are local Bills Backers chapters all over the state, and most watch parties are free to the public.