ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Steele Memorial Library held a KAIROS blanket exercise Sunday afternoon.  The exercise was a part of the Witness to Injustice Program.

The goal of the three hour program was to share the history of Indigenous people, and had active participation from the Onondaga Nation.  Truth, understanding, and respect between Indigenous and on-Indigenous people was the theme of the afternoon.

"I think that's what sets this apart from a lecture or a classroom, a history classroom.  You're actually physically going through the experience," said Regina Jones, the Witness to Injustice Coordinator.

The blankets used were meaningful.  They represented Turtle Island, and aim to share history that is often not taught in schools.  The demonstration was interactive, and people from the Southern Tier community came out to participate.

The organizers of the event say they hope this will expand knowledge about the Indigenous people.  WTI hosts sessions all over, and on zoom as well.