CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- It's that time of the year when a skincare routine may seem unnecessary since the colder months mean putting an extra layer of clothing on. Dr. Rashida Vassell, MD, the owner of Safahla Medical, emphasized that skin care is very important during the winter months.  

''The biggest thing I will recommend is sunscreen. We are at risk of UV rays even when it is not sunny. Sun damage is the number one cause of aging,'' said Dr, Vassell. 

Manhattan Dermatology notes that the Ultraviolet rays from the sun break down the skin cells at a very rapid rate regardless of the season.  By not wearing sunscreen during the winter, we increase our risk of getting skin cancer.  Additionally, winter months are typically associated with very dry air, which dries out and cracks the skin. 

''It is crucial that we get in the habit of using heavy moisturizers, facial cleansing, and serums to keep our skin healthy.  However, regular bath soap is not recommended for cleansing since it is heavy, dry, and loaded with perfumes,'' said Dr. Vassell. 

She said that regular cleansers like Cetaphil and Cerave can be very effective. Beyond those staples, her shop Safahla offers a variety of products for the public to use to boost our skin quality. 

''We carry the Cercadia line. There is an absolutely fabulous one called Acquaporins which is a very thick moisturizer we recommend for our patients. We also carry Skin Medica,'' said Dr. Vassell. 

Apart from skincare products, eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise can also boost the health of your skin. 

Safahla opened its doors to the public two weeks ago in Walnut Street, Corning.  There is a variety of services, products, and professionals who are well-trained about skincare, especially during the cold winter months. You can follow Safahla Medical on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website