Fall weather looks to return rather abruptly over the next several days. However, Saturday will serve as the last day of warmth for the region. Highs around the area could reach 70, but the threat of showers will loom during the late morning and afternoon. 

Rain looks to be much more likely on Sunday and Monday, with some areas possibly getting around 1/2" of total rain. Low pressure will continue to soak the region as we make our way through Monday, skies remain mostly cloudy in the near term.
Conditions will improve slightly but tempatures will remain on the chilly side for much of the day and evening Tuesday. Lows may perhaps dive below freezing for the morning as well. Even colder conditions on Wednesday could open the door for a wintry mix.
Late week looks to end on a calm note for many of us as temperatures return to around 50, and skies will tend to open up on Thursday, and remaining partly cloudy for much of Friday, lows however will tend to stick in the high 30s.