November is Native American Heritage Month, and the history of the indigenous people, who once ruled this land is rich. Libraries have a variety of free resources available for people to use to learn more about the indigenous tribes. 

‘’We have a lot of books currently published on the shelves about the Native American history, cuisines, musical instruments, crafts, and digital resources,’’ said Marshall Hyde the Public Relations Officer at the Southeast Steuben County Library. 

At the library, you can learn about the meaning of place names in this area. Chemung means Big Horn. Owego is where the valley widens. Canisteo is for Board on Water. Cohocton is trees in the water. 

Learning about the meanings of the places in our area is one part. There are many more footprints left by the natives to become aware of and the local libraries are the best places to start. 

‘’ Libraries are great free resources. Everyone is welcome. We do not edit or censor information, so come to the library to learn whatever you are interested in," said Marshall.          

Marshall mentioned that there is a live-streaming event on Thursday with a guest speaker from the Niscegee Nation. 

For more information, you can visit the Southeast Steuben County Library website.